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Refund Policy

Happy Time Party Rental reserves the right to refuse to complete any event that has the potential to cause damage to its equipment. * All refunds will incur a $10.00 processing fee.


You have seven (7) days to cancel an order to receive $40 of your deposit back (we keep $10 processing fee). Refunds will be given only if cancellation is received 7 days prior to the event or weather conditions (see below) are unacceptable. If you cancel within those 7 days you will lose $50.

You have the option of rescheduling (within 3 months) and keeping your deposit intact.

The Game Truck/Trackless Train and Deluxe Package is a NON-REFUNDABLE $100 deposit. If you cancel the truck/train you will lose your $100 deposit. However you have the option of rescheduling (within 3 months) and keeping your $100 in tack. If you have the deluxe package and remove the game truck/train you will lose your $100.

Bad Weather (Wind, Rain, Snow, Mud, etc.)

Happy Time Party Rental will not setup equipment in rain, snow, high wind, or muddy conditions. It is strongly recommended that you reserve an alternate indoor location for your event (such as a church or school gym).

In the event of the possibility bad weather, you will be given the option to cancel 2 hours prior to the event and receive a refund of your deposit.

If you choose to have us come out and we are unable to set up due to weather conditions (wind, rain, snow, mud) you will forfeit your deposit.

If it is raining when the drivers call to inform you they are on the way you can cancel, getting your $40 back (less $10 processing fee) OR you also have the option of rescheduling (within 3 months) and keeping your deposit intact.

Once setup, the full amount of the rental is non-refundable, even if the event is cut short due to bad weather.

Cold Weather

At temperatures below 40 degrees, the inflatable units can not be set up. If you book an event when there is the possibility of cold weather and you do not have an indoor location, be aware that upon arrival we may not be able to set up the equipment if the air is below 40 degrees. Your deposit is not refundable once the units leave our warehouse.

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